Episode 44: Flowers

Episode 44 (Season 2 | Episode 9): Flowers

Happy New Year!! The first episode of the year features two Jenn’s..that’s right Jenn Jenn and Jenn, lol. Celebrating Black woman excellence, Jenn of Paper Boy Papers (paperboypapers.com) joins the posse to discuss everything from her business endeavor to relationships to the facts related to former President Obama’s policy to relax federal enforcement of marijuana laws.

Show Contents::

  • 00:04:41 – Jenn of Paper Boy Papers (@paperboypapers)
  • 00:12:57 – Recap: Battle of the Sexes (Shoutout @rhonicakes)
  • 00:19:41 – Should the man pay for everything in a relationship or should both parties go 50/50?
  • 00:33:37 – Partner-ship
  • 00:37:13 – Agree or Disagree: Black women don’t want…
  • 00:47:19 – Is Sessions just positioning?