Episode 46: All About Her

Episode 46 (Season 2 | Episode 11):: All About Her

It’s February and we not only celebrate love but because its Black History Month, we show love. In the same vein, we decided to show love to both men and women this month beginning with women.

This episode we join the “Me Too” conversation with Elise Dorsey of @ICannotComplain and Operation Consent and explore how to love a woman from another angle. Take a listen.

Show Contents::

  • 00:03:08 – Episode disclaimer by men
  • 00:06:14 – Discussion: “Me Too”
  • 00:17:08 – I Cannot Complain & Operation Consent
  • 00:21:58 – The Stats (courtesy of R.A.I.N.N.)
  • 00:40:25 – Self-care is the real glow-up: Self-full vs. Selfish
  • 00:47:03 – Top 3 self-care suggestions


Music by: Lex  D (@TheRealLexD) for Bloq Rockaz Productions