Episode 65: “Night” Life

Episode 65: “Night” Life

So many things happen at night from big college basketball games that bring former United States President’s out to only see a “blow-out” to staged hate crimes to freaks to partygoers. And, we’re here for all of it with two official PINTAPPERS who are also two of DC’s best nightlife specialists Ebou Taal (@eboutaal) and Dani D. (@danidpresents). Check it out!

Episode Contents::

  • Chill or Sit, Zion? (00:02:23)
  • Cancel Culture – A real thing or just a viral moment? (00:21:30)
  • Prostitution, should it be legal? (00:32:46)
  • “Night” Life (00:41:11)
  • Check It Out (00:58:20)

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