Episode 66: The Brown Table Episode

Episode 66: The Brown Table Episode

Inspired by the recent and trending topic that led to Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk with Jordyn Woods, Put It In The Air Podcast presents a Brown Table Episode to discuss everything from the allegation to the interview to the many facets of what it it means to be in relationship today. Featuring specials guests Rhonda (@Rhonicakes + @Frening) and Janelle (@OliviaD0pe), tune into a great conversation.

Episode Topics::

  • Relationship Triangles: Tristan x Jordyn x Khloe (00:02:30)
  • Friendship: Keep or Toss (00:27:33)
  • The Mating Pool (00:29:23)
  • Relationship Choices and Pressure (00:33:42)
  • Why Do Men and Women Cheat (00:42:31)
  • God and “Us” (00:53:01)
  • Love, is it from strength or insecurity (00:57:49)
  • Will and Jada said “We Got You!” (01:02:23)

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