Episode 70: Shop

Episode 70: Shop

Featuring DMV recording artist, Bou (@Bou_YH) who’s life is music and his music is his life, Episode 70 is all about “setting up shop”. Discussing everything from the independent music grind to #SurvivingCardi, this episode is full of laughs and moments that will make you sit back in your seat.

Episode Topics::

  • Indie Life & Music with Bou (00:03:04)
  • Date Robbing (00:35:50)
  • Story Time: So Green (00:41:37)
  • That’s So Foul (00:47:37)
  • Pop vs Vibe (00:52:58)
  • Jill Scott & Chill (01:08:56)
  • Bou (@Bou_YH)  Music (01:12:10)

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