Episode 121: We’re Not Doing Hypotheticals

Episode 121: We’re Not Doing Hypotheticals

So,… what did you think about the Ludacris and Nelly Verzus Battle? And, who’s up next? In other news, I think we got into some “messy” business (but, it was supposed to be a solid hypothetical that went wrong).. which led to another, then… just check it out!..

Episode Topics::

  • #Verzus: Ludacris + Nelly (00:00:31)
  • Verzus Wish List (00:09:10)
  • Messy… sorry Jay / Hypotheticals (00:20:14)
  • Another Hypothetical, What If You See Your Ex… (00:31:37)
  • Women Prefer The Lie (00:51:34)
  • The Position I Choose For Life Is… (01:14:19)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @oboy5

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