Episode 122: We’re Over This Quarantine

Episode 122: We’re Over This Quarantine

Bounty Killer and Beenie, is the best verzus battle to date? Where do you see it going next? Do you have quarantine cabin fever? We’re talking about all of this and a reoccuring conversation we keep coming across about women and their perspectives on the dating pool of men. Check it out.

Episode Topics::

  • #Verzuz: Bounty Killer + Beenie Man (00:00:31)
  • A verzuz with group beef, how?? (00:08:18)
  • Verzuz, next step predictions (00:22:52)
  • Quarantine Cabin Fever (00:33:54)
  • Death of a dynasty / The Last Dance (00:49:43)
  • Dating Commentary: Shortage or Abundance of Lack (01:09:09)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @oboy5

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