Episode 131: You Gotta Have Product

Episode 131: You Gotta Have Product

@YoGotti said he recession proof and @MasterP said “you gotta have product”, we listened so be sure to purchase the latest Fist Up Collection of the #PINTAP Dad Hats and an @AprilsNovember candle, hand sanitizer, or room freshner. Then check out this episode which features an unplanned and unexpected poolside guest spot with @RellBattle as we talk about the “air” in L.A., the latest Verzus battle, and commitment.

Episode Topics::

  • L.A. Vibes (00:00:55)
  • #Verzuz: 2 Chainz vs Rick Ross (00:09:32)
  • W.A.P. / Versus Meme Dance-off (00:20:22)
  • Bigger Commitment, Marriage or Child? (00:23:31)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @oboy5

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