Episode 150: Our American Skin

Episode 150: Our American Skin

A new year and officially a new president and history-making vice president. A new year and a new movie to reinvigorate a conversation about Our American Skin (that may be dealing with some interference). Forgiveness or vengeance? Truths or False-Truths? Check it out and be sure to Subscribe + Share.

Episode Topics::

  • 46th + Symbolism (00:01:47)
  • American Skin + Right, Wrong, or Indifferent (00:12:45)
  • Forgiveness + Failed Tangent (00:43:21)
  • Come Correct: Make-ups (01:22:56)
  • Could You Fake It? (01:30:02)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @afield1823

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