Episode 155: Going Half On A Soulmate

Episode 155: Going Half On A Soulmate

How do you end the month of “love”? You end it putting it in the air about love, relationships, and the things that twists it up and the things that make it sweet. From ex’s to money and relationships and the ones we choose versus your soulmate and best match, check out Episode 155.

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Episode Topics::

  • What You Watching (#WYW) + “First World” Blinders (00:04:19)
  • Follow The Ex (00:13:34)
  • 75/35 and 50/50 On Us (00:32:06)
  • Choosing Wrong (01:19:33)
  • Soulmate + Best Match (01:36:38)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @afield1823

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