Episode 162: Making Wise Choices

Episode 162: Making Wise Choices

It can be said, wisdom is the application of knowledge. Agree? If so, then why is the climate of America today so volatile and ignorant? But before that, the Queen is back so we had to revisit Derrick Jaxn then tackle a host of other “hot” topics with friend of the show and chef, Claude of Claudius Creations (@claudius_creations). Check it out.

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Episode Topics::

  • Derrick Jaxn (Revisited) (00:03:55)
  • Claudius Creations (00:21:32)
  • True or False: Men Love Deeper Than Women (00:37:57)
  • Is Masculinity Under Attack? (01:03:29)
  • Climate of America (01:40:29)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @afield1823
Guest: @claudius_creations

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