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Episode 96: The OOZ & Booze Did It

Episode 96: The OOZ & Booze Did It

Finally,… we get to talk some music! Featuring OOZ (@oozdidit) reppin for Gambia and the DMV, we chop it up about beef and music, headlines that make you say “someone got me all the way f***ed up”, the independent grind and more! Check it out.

Episode Topics::

  • “This Is It” (00:03:03)
  • Is it snitching (00:18:33)
  • Click bait (00:39:40)
  • Grinding (00:53:06)
  • Forgiveness (01:08:26)
  • Reppin (00:18:05)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @oboy5

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