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Episode 124: This S#!t Sounds Crazy

Episode 124: This S#!t Sounds Crazy

The revolution will be televised and if you were paying attention you seen many more take to the streets and the unveiling of Black Live Matter Plaza. With three special guests, (as always) we definitely “put it in the air” and this episode can only be summed up in one way, “this sh*t sounds crazy!” Check it out.

Episode Topics::

  • Protest Energy / Reluctant Response (00:02:00)
  • Cancel Culture / Uneducated Speech (00:21:50)
  • Relationships and Race (00:44:33)
  • Green Grass / Tough Conversations (01:20:27)
  • Can we still be friends? (01:29:49)
  • Final thoughts (01:43:34)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @oboy5
Guests: @tyalexandria + @xo.zoa + @_darlingdia

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