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Episode 71: “Hussle” & Motivate

Episode 71: “Hussle” and Motivate

If anything is true about recording artist Nipsey Hussle, it’s the fact his life is a reflection of his lyric to Hustle and Motivate. In honor of Nipsey’s life, legacy, and truth, Episode 71 explores the impact, example, and the lessons of his life (because his physical death has proven he lives on). Featuring Blaq (@301Blaq), official Pintapper and longtime friend and “big homie” of George D., tune in for a real conversation that being had on the curb, in the lecture hall, and church pew.

Episode Topics::

  • Rest In _ (00:01:58)
  • Respect & Character (00:03:35)
  • them OR US (00:14:13)
  • Attention (00:27:29)
  • Black Women’s Nightmare and Reality (00:44:26)
  • Retrospect (01:06:48)
  • 52E (01:31:21)
  • Is Keeping It Real, Wrong? (01:34:45)