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Episode 23: {After}Fight Party Episode

It’s simple, you got something to say?? Put it in the air!

In Episode 23, the crew goes on location to co-host the Danny Jacobs vs. Triple G fight. After some good food, the fight, and friends, …the show begins with commentary on the fight then revisits the “Jay-Z let Nas eat after he waived the white flag debate”…followed up by commentary on Rick Ross and his new track “Idols become Rivals”, and some relationship “Dylan” (aka fire…lol). Check it out!

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Show Contents::

  • 00:01:17 – Gennady Golovkin vs Danny Jacobs: Fight commentary
  • 00:06:27 – Debate: Nas won the battle but Jay-Z won the war
  • 00:17:14 – Rick Ross: “Idols Become Rivals” + Resurgence
  • 00:25:57 – They say they love you before…
  • 00:35:15 – Break-up by associations… yes or no?
  • 00:55:18 – Move-In Expectations
  • 00:01:48 – Pay attention to the clock, it’s serious
  • 01:26:27 – Message!! A note to women… a jewel for men.