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Episode 76: Phenomenal Woman

Episode 76: Phenomenal Woman

From the Put It In The Air Podcast Family, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world. Episode 76 features Antonia mother of two and Founder of Mommy Matters, LLC. touching on topics from what mother’s want father’s to know, to the relationship dynamics between a mother and father, to how one becomes a mother and everything in between. This is an episode you don’t want to miss, check it out!

Episode Topics::

  • @AntoniaMichaela + @_MommyMatters (00:00:32)
  • #HappyMothersDay to all Phenomenal Women (00:09:48)
  • From a mother to father’s, all we want you to know is… (00:10:24)
  • Mommy & Daddy/Us.. the back and forth (00:19:05)
  • Attention Attention.. Mrs. Ayesha Curry (00:26:35)
  • Social Media is f**kin s**t up! (00:50:53)
  • KEEP IT 100, how freaky do you want your woman or man? (01:06:49)
  • What animal are you? (01:25:09)

Episode 25: 1st Quarter

It’s simple, you got something to say…PUT IT IN THE AIR!

Episode 25 features three lovely ladies that offer a woman’s perspective on romance, spooning vs foreplay, teaching vs being learned, and so much more. Not battle of the sexes but definitely an episode where the sexes get individual air time. Check it out!

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Show Contents::

  • 00:01:36 – Women: What is the formula?
  • 00:13:10 – The importance of laughter to women
  • 00:16:03 – Romance: The male and female perspective
  • 00:32:46 – When the romance goes bad
  • 00:42:24 – Is spooning foreplay??
  • 00:51:58 – Request for a Moment: Oblige or Pass?
  • 01:04:56 – Fellas, she can always be taken
  • 01:16:27 – Choices: Inexperienced blank slate or Experienced and broken
  • 01:20:11 – Are you adverse to teaching??
  • 01:25:18 – Relationship foundation.