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Episode 140: In The Lion’s Den

Episode 140: In The Lion’s Den

Asia is back and so is “O-boy”!! Discussing everything from instant turn-offs to to work-relationship balances and the “pressure” a relationship can put on a person, someone is going to be getting a “talkin to”. (LOL) Check it out.

Episode Topics::

  • Episode 139 Recap: Hypergamy/Hypogamy + Hard Conversations (00:03:17)
  • What makes you lose interest instantly? (00:27:24)
  • Cuffing Season + Many Faced Demons (Courtesy of @crysspeaks) (00:41:23)
  • How do you balance work and affection? (00:53:51)
  • Where do Blacks go to escape corruption and evilness? (01:04:12)
  • Can a man/woman be pressured into marriage? (Courtesy of @deadasspodcast) (01:08:13)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @afield1823
Guest: @oboy5

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Episode 15

It’s simple, you got something to say?? Put it in the air! Episode 15 is another week of unfiltered and authentic talk featuring two special lady guests, Marian & ‘Ray’. The conversation begins serious but before you know it, takes some interesting turns…all making for a lively Episode 15. Check it out!

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Show Contents::

  • 00:01:15 – Inauguration: Thoughts

  • 00:20:30 – Top 3 qualities/traits you desire (or, desired) in your mate

  • 00:40:30 – Cheating: Could you remain loyal to your mate/relationship

  • 01:04:15 – Options: Bust or Butt & Long Johnson or Fat Johnson or…

  • 01:22:10 – Preferences: Commando, thongs, boy shorts, boxer briefs

  • 01:27:10 – Clean-up, curiosity.

  • 01:32:20 – Kissing after oral, yes or no? (#Shoutout @rozs_son)

  • 01:30:05 – Clean or the jungle?

  • 01:47:55 – Mood…music or nah?