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Episode 120: Injustice Everywhere

Episode 120: Injustice Everywhere

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere! – Martin Luther King Jr.

In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. from an Alabama jail penned the famous, Letter from Birmingham City Jail and The Negro Is Your Brother. Today, at least one person’s lifetime since that letter and with all the “advancements” in the “civilized” world, those of african descent still face the same injustices. Sad. This episode isn’t an expose by any means but we hope through the nostalgia and joy Erykah Badu and Jill Scott provided the world, we realize what is “because of slavery”, and much more. Follow us down this rabbit hole and check it out!

Episode Topics::

  • Badu-Scott (00:01:28)
  • #BlackAF / Black? (00:09:40)
  • Influences (00:33:24)
  • #RunWithMaud (00:44:56)
  • Tekashi is the 6 9 (01:25:29)
  • Draakkeeeee!! / Music and time (01:43:32)

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