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Episode 136: The Social Dilemma

Episode 136: The Social Dilemma

Joined by lovely the “TeeJay” and “Melli-Mel”… we had to address “The Social Dilemma”. The “Black Tech Genius” @iddrissandu said it best, we need our own “operating system” to solve the problem and at least get us to a Type 1 society on the Kardashev Scale. However, the question becomes will this call for a return to “segregation”, more “integration”, or just “separation” to get long overdue respect? Oh, there’s more… so, check out Episode 136 today.

Episode Topics::

  • Social Dilemma (00:01:27)
  • Iddris Sandu + Solution (00:13:38)
  • What is rich? + The Cool / “Su-Su” (00:32:33)
  • Separation, Segregation, or Integration / Respect (00:50:25)
  • Do men and women act different when they are winning?? (01:11:36)
  • Friendships, Situationships, and Entanglements (01:19:47)
  • Is one ever enough? (01:34:53)
  • Can he want “it” too much? (01:42:55)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @afield1823
Guests: @callmeteejay_ + @melani.rager

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