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Episode 68: Pain Then Champagne

Episode 68: Pain Then Champagne

Episode 68 is a must listen!

Beginning with a recap of Episode 67 and all the hot feedback of Pintappers thoughts and feelings about Life Coach Les Browder, then the sadness of the recent tragedy and great loss in New Zealand to a discussion of the death penalty, the scars of racism. And, after all this pain we get to Champagne talk about Will Smith with friend of the show, actor, comedian, and official Pintapper @RellBattle. Check it out!

Episode Topics::

  • Episode 67 Recap (00:01:10)
  • RIP New Zealand (00:32:59)
  • Death Penalty (00:42:12)
  • Go To Montgomery (00:53:14)
  • Is Justice Colorblind (01:05:50)
  • Shoutout @RellBattle (01:09:40)
  • Will Smith (01:11:01)
  • #PINTAP Live Check-In with @RellBattle (01:17:15)