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Episode 98: Spaceships Don’t Come With A Rearview

Episode 98: Spaceships Don’t Come With A Rearview

Whether you’re going in circles or not… we’re all going one way. And, if you on the spaceship to your dream f–k a rearview ’cause it doesn’t come with one. Hopefully you caught that… LOL. Episode 98 is a dope ride discussing everything from Pharrell’s GQ Magazine Cover to closure. Check it out!

Episode Topics::

  • Pharrell + Masculinity (00:02:25)
  • Unequally Yoked (00:21:54)
  • “Kanye Her” or Tell Her (00:31:25)
  • Come nasty or I’ll teach you (00:46:11)
  • Closure (01:00:29)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @oboy5

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Episode 30, Part 1 | Cinco De Mayo Episode

It’s simple, you got something to say…PUT IT IN THE AIR!

Episode 30, Part 1 of the Cinco De Mayo Episode was interesting to say the least…between the ‘gac and tequila, featuring many random drop-in guests.. take a listen.

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Show Contents::

  • 00:01:06 – If you embrace the culture, embrace the people
  • 00:02:14 – Ball-ing and hate
  • 00:28:35 – Canelo + Chavez
  • 00:32:17 – Chanel + Pharrell + Gender Fluidity