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Episode 99: Selling The Ultralight Beam

Episode 99: Selling The Ultralight Beam

I think we have to admit Kanye has a gift, this guy manages to stay in the news but with his latest album Jesus is King, “he done brought sweet Jesus into it.” So in Episode 99 we discuss milestones, spirituality versus religion, Tank’s recent “lip service”, and more. Check it out!

Episode Topics::

  • Chatter + Feedback (00:00:41)
  • Spirituality vs Religion / Jesus is King (00:09:40)
  • Tank said… (00:26:50)
  • Paid to play (00:43:44)
  • Falling in or out of love (00:57:44)
  • Turn-offs (01:08:59)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @oboy5

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