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Episode 38: Friends

Episode 38: Friends

Jenn Jenn is out of town so Tone + George invite, friends of the show, Rhonda and Dominque to “put it in the air”. The conversation includes how to tell your mate the sex is whack, the audacity of men, catfishing, and more. Take a listen.

@BTB_Ses + @ItsGeorgeD + Jenn Jenn

EPISODE 7: So Thankful

PINTAP Episode 7

In Episode 7, the fellas maintain the spirit of Thanksgiving by first toasting to Tone_Ses then express the many things they are thankful for to what should a man do when a women with a phat “rear” is making her way through the crowd, Kanye, to things women do that are turn-offs to men.

Show Content::
– 00:00:37 – Tone_Ses B-Day Shoutout & Toast
– 00:04:01 – What are you thankful for?
– 00:11:07 – That “meatrub”, take it for the team or not?
– 00:12:44 – Grab and pull OR grab and release
– 00:17:28 – Chick songs!
– 00:23:31 – What’s your hype song?
– 00:26:05 – G’s mad about Young M.A.
– 00:30:01 – Kanye.
– 00:52:50 – Things women do that are turn offs to men