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Episode 152: Lover’s Guide To Valentine’s

Episode 152: Lover’s Guide To Valentine’s

It’s that time of year again and “love is in the air” or is it? Will love let you be cool with your partner doing one of these viral challenges like the Silhouette or Buss It Challenge? Or, will your love pay for your partners dinner guest that’s blaming Chase for “wilding”? LOL. How about hookups… are you hooking anyone up or are you being hooked up. I mean who is Valentine’s Day for? Is it a real holiday? And, do men really want perfection? Check out Episode 152 and let us know what you think.

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Episode Topics::

  • Viral Challenges + Why Are They Always Sexual? (00:03:42)
  • Should He Pay For It? (00:15:31)
  • Hookups (00:30:21)
  • V-Day: Who’s It For? Is It A Real Holiday? (00:35:44)
  • “Men Want Perfection That Does Not Exist” (00:52:52)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @afield1823

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