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Episode 161: All Dogs Go To Heaven

Episode 161: All Dogs Go To Heaven

This episode is dedicated to the music, memory, and life of DMX. Once young men now grown men,.. reminiscing, joking, and waxing poetics about growth, perspective, and understanding… it’s a beautiful thing to know “all dogs go to to heaven”. Check it out.

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Episode Topics::

  • DMX: Thoughts & Impact (00:05:02)
  • DMX & Evolution of Hip Hop (00:19:33)
  • Favorite DMX Song (00:48:58)
  • DMX Lesson Learned (01:09:56)
  • Happiness vs Joy (01:16:13)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @afield1823

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Episode 19

It’s simple, you got something to say?? Put it in the air! In Episode 19, first “we like to thank God”..the discussion begins with award speeches that ring off truthful and sincere, then we discuss if knowing what’s on the other side of entertainers important if all we desire is to be entertained. Lastly, we conclude with another brief examination into the African Diaspora in honor of #BlackHistoryMonth talking about a potential residual effect of slavery. Check it out!

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Show Content::

  • 00:01:05 – Grammy’s, Chance, and God.
  • 00:07:11 – Are Rapper’s Entertainers?
  • 00:10:16 – Must Rapper’s be real?
  • 00:12:29 – Wale, “allegedly” should we really care??
  • 00:32:56 – Cam & Jomo commentary
  • 00:56:06 – Why do conversations about race make people uncomfortable?
  • 01:10:28 – Residual effects of slavery: Homosexuality (a perspective)