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Episode 138: Hard Conversations

Episode 138: Hard Conversations

If asked to sum up Episode 138 in one word, “personal” would say it all. What do you think is a hard conversation to have in a relationship? Is it money, sex, love,…? What would you describe as your first relationship? And,… it seems like twerking is happening everywhere on just about anything, is it out of control?

Episode Topics::

  • Hard Conversations – Love, Money, Sex,…? (00:02:43)
  • First Relationship Healing (00:43:39)
  • Is Twerking Out Of Control? (01:02:50)

Hosts: @itsgeorged + @btb_ses & @afield1823

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Episode 80: Early Sunday Service

Episode 80: Early Sunday Service

It’s #GeminiSeason and this episode represents that to the fullest from how crazy it is to going backwards in life, to when people don’t know to shut-up because they have “no guidance”, and the crazy not-so-crazy Kanye.

Episode Topics:

  • Back-sies (00:02:36)
  • DR (00:20:53)
  • Toronto Raptors & the NBA (00:35:05)
  • No Guidance (00:44:08)
  • “Kanye for President” (00:48:31)

Episode 58: Foundation

Episode 58 (Season 2 | Episode 23) Foundation

Show Topics:

  • Album Review: Astroworld (00:03:53)
  • Who’s More Critical, Women or Men? (00:13:32)
  • Yoked To The Representative (00:36:26)
  • Why Do Men and Women Really Cheat? 00:54:17