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Episode 67: The Relationship Puzzle

Episode 67 | The Relationship Puzzle

Some see it as a game, some as a job or duty, but is a relationship really just a puzzle in which we’re really trying to figure out how to make our pieces fit with someone else’s? Great question… we know (LOL) and in episode 67, Life Coach Les Browder (@LesBrowder) lends a hand at demystifying the puzzle we call relationships.

Episode Topics::

  • Are We Wired Wrong? (00:01:55)
  • Is The 5 Love Languages “B.S.”? (00:02:58)
  • What Is Love? (00:18:31)
  • Understanding via Alphabet Numerology? (00:21:56)
  • Men Going There Own Way [MGTOW] (00:31:37)
  • Compatibility and Understand/Acceptance (00:42:55)
  • Why You Need A Life Coach? (01:01:47)