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Episode 177: Pay Attention To The Game

Episode 177: Pay Attention To The Game

The rule for crossing the street is look both ways before proceeding. What is the rule for life? Or, the “game”? How about bad news, what’s the rule with how you express it? And, what about love, what if expressed it all the time?

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Episode Topics::

  • PINTAPIN Live 022: Recap (00:01:02)
  • Thanksgiving (00:05:07)
  • RIP Dolph / Spread Love (00:16:11)
  • Bad News Etiquette (00:24:44)
  • In Bad News… (00:32:10)
  • In Wack News… (00:47:11
  • Shoutout to Love (00:54:52)

Hosts: @itsgeorged & @btb_ses

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